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Viennese tradition in the Lindenkeller

Enjoy your stay in Vienna's oldest cellar restaurant. This typical Viennese restaurant has existed since 1435 and so he lived through the eventful history of the Danube monarchy up to today's Austria.

Since the Lindenkeller was for a long time the only restaurant worth mentioning in the immediate vicinity of Vienna's center, it has been visited by numerous personalities throughout history.

But it was not only Napoleons who used to feast on this site - the Lindenkeller became famous for its long tradition of "musical society". All the greats that the "World Capital of Music", Vienna, produced or made famous, sat in these cellar vaults for food and drink!

These include the Viennese classics Mozart, Beethoven, the romantic Schubert, Brahms Mahler and of course Johannes Strauß - there was celebrations and music!

It is no wonder that you will also find a place of culinary creativity here. One of the largest Viennese specialties and besides the Wiener Schnitzel the most famous Austrian meat dish, the Wiener Tafelspitz, was "invented" here and is still prepared for you according to a traditional recipe.

Choose from the wide range of distinctive Austrian cuisine as it is offered here in the Lindenkeller and be inspired by the charm of the past ...

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